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The Importance of Aftercare

What Is Aftercare Sexual Aftercare (which we will just call “aftercare” for the purpose of this blog) is discussed within the kink community and originated to check in with someone after a sexual encounter. However, aftercare should be for everyone, and it’s an important way to build trust and intimacy in relationships. Why Is Aftercare…

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Meet Quinton Rasberry, Founder and President of Q Care Plus

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is preventative medication people at risk for HIV take, and it is 99% effective. As incredible as PrEP is, it has not always been accessible, especially for uninsured people or undocumented people. Q Care Plus started because Founder and President Quinton Rasberry witnessed PrEP deserts firsthand and was passionate about making sure…

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5 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About HIV

A Chat with Dr. Julie Graves, MPH, Ph.D., MD Stigma is still the number one attribute to new HIV infections in the US. Although education and knowledge about HIV has increased, it’s ok to still have uncertainty and questions about HIV, PrEP, and other issues pertaining to your sexual health. That’s why we sat down…

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NYC Gay Pride

What Pride Means To Us At Q Care+

At Q Care+, we take Pride very seriously. You might even say that it’s one of the core values of what we do, which is provide PrEP prescriptions to all individuals to stop the spread of HIV. That’s why we asked people on our team to tell us what Pride means to them. So you…

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